Friday, September 11, 2009

Blogging Beginnings!

The first Friday of Term Three is here! While I have not started teaching yet, I am already beginning my blogging. The goal for the next 16 months of my Peace Corps experience is to post a little something every Friday about the life I am living in Kenya. Hopefully, I am not committing myself to too much!

The reason I have not yet began my school term is that I am in Nairobi taking care of some medical things. I cannot say too much now but in the end, everything will be okay! My exams still got written, printed, and taken. When I get back next week I will be grading my butt off :)

This week in Nairobi taught me a lot about friendship. There is a saying that goes:
"A friend in need is a friend in deed"
I admit I am not sure what the person who first said it was trying to say, but to me, I find that I can be a person's best friend when they are sad or going through some hard times. But when the sun comes out again and they are back on their feet and feeling better, I find myself moving on also. I wonder why I do that to people I care about.